Veil Of The Gods graphic novel series
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the new sci-fi - fantasy graphic novel series,

by best selling author, Caiseal Mor.


In Ancient legends the first people were created as equals to the gods. But the gods became jealous of humanity. So they cast a spell on mortals to make them forget their creative power. Then they raised a curtain to forever separate mortal-kind from the deities. They called this curtain - the Veil of the Gods. But the old stories were not forgotten. And there will always be those who seek to lift the Veil of the Gods.  

Veil Of The Gods is an exciting new series by best selling author, Caiseal Mor. Unlike his previous 13 fiction novels, this new project is a graphic novel, enriched by visual imagary, created by Caiseal himself. The story crosses genres - sci-fi / fantasy / dieselpunk. The deep and intricate story, intriguing characters and beautiful visuals, make for a wonderfully unique book series that will take readers on a rich and exciting ride, unfolding over time.

Each chapter will be released bi-monthly.  To stay updated with new releases and other news, subscribe to the mailing list below!


I have just finished reading Chapter One, and had my eyes glued to my phone! Beautiful and detailed artwork, an enthralling storyline, kick-arse feamale characters, plus it is SO educational & true! I LOVE it, and cannot wait for Chapter 2


I've never looked at a graphic novel before and I have to say i'm astounded by the depth and breadth of Caiseal's creativity, story line, character development, graphics, artwork layout, pace, information and inclusion of the reader. Amazed. Truly amazed. Looking forward to exploring more at the hands...or pen of Mr Môr.


First chapter and I am wonderfully captivated by this insightful and daring tale. As I immersed myself in the adventure and the powerful characters, I could feel the words of wisdom the author shares while narrating this adventure already making their way into my heart. How interesting to take Fear as a friend; how challenging to stay awake as we play the game of life; how revealing to get a bit of Mahjuti sense!
Thank you for this magical opportunity to question our own acts in life as we observe and accompany the characters in their own quest and development.

- ELENA MENDÉZ, New Zealand

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About The Author


Caiseal Mor is an Australian artist, writer and musican.  Veil Of The Gods has been a long term project. He has been gradually developing the story and visuals over the last 10 years, making the transition from ink to digital as a visual medium. Caiseal recently took up the production of this project full time and is now preparing to release the second and third chapter in late 2020. In the last few years he has released a few artworks hinting that this major digital work will incorporate a musical score, animation and may be developed into a motion picture or television series.

Ancient Celtic Folklore has been a major inspiration for his thirteen previously published fantasy novels. 

You can find out more about Caiseal Mor HERE