In the universe of Veil of the Gods the ancient art of Makutu is practiced by a secretive order known as the Mahjeem. Makutu is actually a technology- a kind of hack into the code of the cosmos- that allows the bearer of a symbol to alter reality in subtle ways.


This Glyph grants the wearer the power of flow - which in the Mahjeem tradition is the ability to relax, observe and assess the world around them without distraction. Flow is a deep experience of being in the present moment with no thoughts, feelings or fear of the past or future. This can be a valuable asset when one finds oneself in danger.


100% stainless steel.

Size : 32mm diametre and 2mm thickness.

All pendants come with a leather chord (black or brown).

Please specify if you would like a black or brown chord in the 'Add note' section at checkout.

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