Sensitivity magical amulet

In the universe of Veil of the Gods the ancient art of Makutu is practiced by a secretive order known as the Mahjeem. Makutu is actually a technology- a kind of hack into the code of the cosmos- that allows the bearer of a symbol to alter reality in subtle ways.


This Glyph grants the wearer the power of sensitivity - which in the Mahjeem tradition is the ability to focus senses of hearing and of smell over a very broad area stretching as far as the eye can see. The senses of touch and taste are accentuated so the Mahjee Practitioner will receive visions, images and impressions that give a wider picture of the situation. This glyph is used extensively by the Tracker Mahjeem and the Stealth Mahjeem but it is also used in combination with the Communion Glyph to accentuate the power of both.


100% stainless steel.

Size : 32mm diametre and 2mm thickness.

All pendants come with a leather chord (black or brown).

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